Wildlife tours in Sri Lanka

Within just a small area of 65,510 Sq. Km’s Sri Lanka has some of the best wildlife that any other part of the world can offer. From big game to small gems in the rain forest one can get the best of the natural world if you chose a wildlife holiday to Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka has a diverse collection of landscapes which is dominated by the low land dry zone where most of the national parks are situated and the central highlands are cooler and have a different and unique landscape.

With 12 per cent of the country designated for wildlife protection it is easy to get a taste of Sri Lankan wildlife. Safari parks and sanctuaries, particularly in the southern and central zones, offer the easiest way to see animals in their natural habitat. Stay alert for a sighting of the endangered leopard; take your time as you watch the elephants feeding and washing in a tank or lagoon; or walk quietly near to the turtles until they stop to lay their eggs.

Despite its small size Sri Lanka boasts of one of the highest rates of biological endemism in the world and is included among the top five biodiversity hotspots of the world.
Meanwhile the ocean around Sri Lanka is home to large families of cetaceans including the mighty blue whale, sperm whales and many species of dolphins.

Sri Lanka has an amazing collection of birdlife, boasting nearly 450 bird species of which 233 are resident and Sri Lanka is home to 33 endemic species found no were else in the world and the rest being migrants from the Northern Hemisphere.
Although less celebrated, Sri Lanka has one of the richest diversity of amphibians in the world, containing over 106 species of amphibians of over 90 of which are endemic. The country has long claimed to have the highest amphibian species density in the world with a high concentration in the Sinharaja rainforest.

Places to be visited

We recommend some places that you should not miss out on during your trip to Sri Lanka. These need to be in your bucket list for your Sri Lankan holiday.

Yala National Park

Wilpattu National Park

Minneriya National Park

Udawalawe National Park

Horton Plains National Park

Sinharaja Rain forest

Kithulgala Rain forest

Mirissa for Whale watching

Kalpitiya for Dolphin watching

Annavilundawa wetland

Kumana National Park

Turtle nesting in Rakawa

Snorkeling in Pigeon Island in Trinco